Café Saint-Ex Washington, DC

HD 1080p quality pictures that these mega-pixel IP cameras and an NVR pure IP recorder produce are the highlight of this system. The high quality pictures allow quick identification of people and objects within the cameras field of view. Also the ability to digitally zoom in on live and recorded data furnish additional details that analog cameras can simply not provide. Who needs more than eight times the resolution of analog cameras? Everyone who owns manages or works in a well-run business.

Managers can now get instant feedback from their laptops or smartphones while away from the business. The benefits are greater employee productivity, increasing customer service, a more secure work environment; while minimizing customer, vendor and employee theft. Bottom line profits increase with typical ROI within the first year in most retail stores.

The continued growth of digital technology will add additional features for years to come. Our clients will keep pace with enhancements while enjoying free software upgrade for the life of the system.