Integrity Systems utilizes the latest in security technology.


IP Megapixel HD Camera Systems

IP (network) HD (high definition) Megapixel (more than a million pixels) more pixels the more resolution. Analog hi-res(~300 thousand pixels).

Currently 3 and 4 megapixel cameras are commonly available for installation. Having trouble making out a face, license plate number, denominations in the cash draw or just need more detail overall, clarity is now available that is an order of magnitude greater than the industry standard of just a few years ago. Seeing really is believing.

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Megapixel IP Cameras

1080p quality and greater: Can't quite make it out with those analog digitally processed cameras? Mega-pixel cameras fill in the blanks.

Wireless Security Networks

Have more than one building on your property? Or can't get a cable to where you need a camera or access control device? If you have power we can install a secure network feed allowing additional video or access control devises to increase your system reach.


Intercom Systems

Bring your video intercom on-line, identify (video) and communicate (audio) with visitors before permitting entry. Get email alerts on your PC or smartphone. Software allows multiple computers to monitor system and all door stations, saving money having one centralized monitoring station during off hours or weekends.

Video Recording/DVRs

The hybrid video recorder is the transition machine that’s incorporates your existing analog cameras while allowing the integration of IP HD megapixel cameras at high priority locations. Providing an in between step to a true IP system.


The NVR network video recorder with the latest i7 processor can record up to sixty-four IP megapixel cameras and display these images on up to four separate monitors for high-end commercial locations. But the true benefit for all customers is that the basic operation is built on the network and all of its inherent versatilities. No need to buy a four, eight or sixteen channel recorder and be limited to that many channels, the NVR will allow expansion for the lower costs of a camera and labor. In addition the labor to add an additional camera is reduce because the cabling is to the nearest network node not the homerun pull back to the recorder. Need cameras on an adjacent building or down the street is now as easy as adding a network connection, if you have power in the area you can get connected.


Access and manage your cameras, alarms and sensors quickly and efficiently with E-Map. This locates your cameras on an overlay of your facility and can be selected and viewed with a click of a mouse.


Remote viewing on your pc, iphone, android or ipad from anywhere in the world provides more freedom and more eyes available at any given time.


Four step authority levels to enhance security and control user's efficacy. Users assigned to four different access groups can be constrained to certain cameras and usage levels. An example is user 1 can only see the odd number cameras and is not allowed playback authority.

Finally let consider clarity


Here is a 1.3 megapixel camera verses a hi-resolution analog camera, it’s a stark difference!

Phone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems utilize unique communication and access control devices that provide homeowners and tenants with two-way voice communication and access control of a door or gate. This allows homeowners or tenants to use their existing telephone as an intercom to speak with a guest at a door or gate.